Missouri Mom Steals Daughters Identity To…Enroll In College And Date Younger Men?

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When people go through a midlife crisis, they usually just do something normal…

Like buy a new car, get a tattoo, or go live it up on vacation at some cool destination, ya know.

It’s not unusual to see this happen to people who are trying to cope with the realization that they’re in their late 40s to 50s, knowing that their best days just might officially be behind them.

However, there are lines you simply can’t cross, and this Missouri mom crossed every single one of ’em and more.

According to the New York Times, Laura Oglesby had I guess realized that it was not socially acceptable to talk to guys her daughters age…

So she just decided to…become her daughter?

Back in 2016, she applied for a Social Security card in her estranged daughter Lauren Hays’ name, who was only 22-years-old.

She even went as far as to start seducing dudes in their early 20s, and they had no idea that they were talking to a mom over twice their age.

Chief James Perkins of the Mountain View Police Department told the Times:

“Everyone believed it. She even had boyfriends that believed that she was that age: 22 years old.”

Emphasis on the “boyfriends.” Ol’ mama Oglesby was hoein’ around big time.

She also had a Snapchat where she pretended to be her daughter.

Investigator Stetson Schwien told the Missouri news station KY3:

“She had completely adopted a younger lifestyle: clothing, makeup and personality. She had completely assumed becoming a younger person in her early twenties.”

Oglesby also moved in with a couple of strangers, Avery and Wendy Parker of Mountain View, whom she also told that she was a young college aged girl, and said she was running away from a horrible domestic abuse situation…

Sheesh, this story keeps getting more and more f*cked.

She lived with the Parkers for over two years, while applying for a Missouri driver’s license (since her true drivers license was licensed in Arkansas at the time), and even enrolled in Southwest Baptist University.

She received financial aid, up to $9,400 in student loans, $5,920 in Pell Grants, and $1,863 in finance charges.

She even worked at the Mountain View library, where everybody knew her as Lauren Hays.

Needless to say, everything seemed safe and sound, and she was probably convinced she was gonna get away with it, until August 2018.

That’s when police in Mountain View were contacted by Arkansas authorities, who believed that Oglesby was committing financial fraud by using the name of her daughter.

Sure enough, the police tracked her down, and although she denied the claims at first, she finally fessed up.

I hope it was worth it, Laura Oglesby/Lauren Hays. You now face a staggering five years locked up without parole due to intentionally providing false information to the Social Security Administration.

She also has to pay $17,521 in restitution to Southwest Baptist University in Missouri, and to her daughter.


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