Beer Darts: Your New Favorite Drinking Game

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I’m just gonna come right out and say it, if you’re not playing Beer Darts, you’re doing it wrong.

Now, we all love a good drinking game every now and then, especially during a college football tailgate or a camping trip in the mountains. But whether you’re just kicking it with friends on a Saturday or throwing the party of the year, drinking games are a MUST.

But you’re not 16-years-old sneaking Mike’s Hard Lemonades in your parent’s basement anymore, why are you still playing beer pong? And flip cup? Psh… you waste more beer than you drink.

Leave those child’s games in college where they belong… it’s time to step it up to the big leagues.


Beer Darts

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We’ve been high on beer darts for a while now… as it requires the perfect combination of skill, focus, coordination, and awareness, but more importantly… it involves throwing sharp objects while you drink cold beer outdoors.

I mean, are you even having fun if there isn’t the risk of your drunk buddy sticking a dart in your foot?

That being said, Beer Darts has upped their game a bit, as they’re introducing a new and improved set on Kickstarter, so you can take the fun wherever you go.

If you’re not too familiar on the game, here’s how it works:

How To Play Beer Darts

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Throw darts, drink beer… easy peasy.

The Beer Darts Game set is defined by its many features, all packed into 12 ounces of High Quality Impact Resistant Polypropylene, the same plastic used in cutting boards.

This device has been designed to take abuse and never wear out despite an unrelenting barrage of fun fueled dart-a-thons and tourn-a-darts.

Robust and feature packed we hope you come to love:

  • Can stabilization 
  •  A Built in Bottle Opener
  • Dart Storage with magnets to keep them in place.
  • Magnetic Pairing
  • Holds to Magnetic Surfaces
  • Narrow Can adapter storage inside and outside
  • Built in Backboard Clip to make any cardboard into a sacrificial barrier

The Beer Starts Kickstarter campaign will run through December 15th so get your pledges in NOW.

The fine people at Beer Darts also offer a bottle jacket dispenser, which conveniently holds a number of koozies as well as a bottle openers.

I mean, you gotta keep those bad boys cold, amirite?

Bottle dispenser

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A beer bottle on a dock