‘Yellowstone’ Stars Open Up On The Insane Beginning Of Season 4: “The Hunt Is On”

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It’s no secret that this upcoming season of Yellowstone is going to be insane.

Just look at the ending of season three.

The whole Dutton family was attacked, and we’re faced with the tough reality that not everybody is going to make it out alive…

Or at least you wouldn’t think, judging the fact that John was gunned down by a machine gun, Kaycee was outnumbered by a bunch of armed men, and a bomb practically went off in Beth’s hands.

According to TV Guide, Kelsey Asbille, who plays Monica, says that was the whole point of the ending of season three:

“That was the goal. It’s such an intense opening. We pick up right where we left off, and Monica doesn’t know who or what she’s fighting. All she has on her mind is to keep Tate safe.”

She also noted that it was shot differently from the rest of the show, in a borderline war-like space.

“For her, this certainly has more stakes because of the effect that it has on Tate, and seeing the Dutton in him especially, really is terrifying… So she’s really at her tipping point.

They really have to fight with each other to fight for each other. And it does open up a new chapter for them that has its own kind of crazy cliffhanger.”

Then you have Rip (Cole Hauser), who has no idea what’s happened at the end of season three.

Hauser reminisced on the scene:

“I think, maybe it’s a dead cow. Because when birds circle that quickly, it’s just something that’s been there and they just found it. I think it’s, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And then he pulls up and sees what he sees, and then it’s time to go into game mode, and how do we save lives?”

He also discussed how great of a job creator Taylor Sheridan did with giving you a deeper look into each and every background from every character:

“It takes some time to get through all the carnage… but Taylor Sheridan does a great job of slowing the season down for a minute and being able to go through the different pain and suffering of each and every character and what they’ve gone through.”

Then Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie, discussed the mental stress it caused Jamie when learning he was adopted, and no longer feels apart of the Dutton family:

“I was partly relieved, and partly I’m like, oh, it’s coming at some point… I will just say that Jaime is both dangerous and he’s in danger.

When we’re desperate and lost, we make the worst decisions and we think we’re gonna make good ones. I think he’s a little wary of Garrett. He does believe what happened was wrong, and he’s aware of that feeling.

But you know, he’s been a part of wrong for a while and he’s been wronged on top of it. Maybe this guy won’t wrong him.”

He then described the opening of season four:

“I mean it’s high energy. It’s right where we left off, and more intense because the hunt’s on, and it gets crazy and fun. We don’t know everything yet, but we learn a little bit right away. It’s gonna be fun for everybody.”

He also discussed the Dutton family as a whole in season four:

“They’re understandably ready for revenge, and that’s what I would say this season is really about. They’re out for revenge and they’re definitely in a corner now.

They’re definitely lashing out, and we know how dangerous that is. It’s not good, and it doesn’t get much better as we go on.”

Buckle up, this Sunday is gonna be a wild ride.

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