Hannah Dasher’s Latest Single Has Her Looking For A “Tall Boy” – The Kind You Drink

Girls, you don’t need no man – just get you a tall boy.

At least that’s Hannah Dasher‘s advice in her latest single, “Tall Boy,” which is a tribute not to those guys who are over 6-feet but to those glorious beer cans that are over 12 ounces.

“Tall boy
Champagne of the honky tonk high life
I like ’em all, boy
From Bud Heavy all the way to Natty Light
Can’t nothin’ do it like a cold beer can
This girl don’t need no man
I just need a tall boy”

The play on words in this one shouldn’t come as any surprise: Hannah’s already proven that she’s a masterful songwriter with an ability to use clever wordplay in her lyrics to keep us listening – like in her song “Left Right.”

“Quit goin’ left, right, left, right, left, right on it
You’ll be left right, left right there one mornin’
Time that you made up your mind, are you in or out?
A girl like that don’t wait forever
She’s a good one, boy, get your shit together
If you want it, you better put a ring on her left right now”

And in her nostalgic ode to the 60’s and 70’s – or as she calls it, the “Stoned Age.”

“Take me back to the Stoned Age
Talkin’ back stage
Allman Brothers band
Tie-dyed little t-shirt
With a mushroom
And a beer in hand

They had more soul in the speakers
And the grass was greener
Wanna turn the page
Back to the Stoned Age”

I’m a sucker for some good songwriting and clever lyrics, so this latest one from Hannah, which she co-wrote with Brandon Hood and Ben Stennis, definitely didn’t disappoint.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock