106-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret To Long Life Is A Yuengling A Day… Gets A Truckload Of ‘Em

Yuengling beer

I pray everyday that the good Lord will bless me to see 100 years of life.

Hell, with updates in modern science it’s not impossible for me to see 130, maybe 200-years-old (Talladega Nights reference, for those who don’t get it).

However, for one Pennsylvania woman, she’s already well over 100 years of life.

Margaret Dilullo, a native of West Lawn, Pennsylvania, is 106… going on 107. And when you reach the century mark, many may ask: “What’s the secret to living that long?”

To her? It’s simple…

Drinking at least one Yuengling a day.

That’s right, ol’ Margaret said that’s what’s keeping the ticker ticking. And as a reward, Yuengling dropped off an entire TRUCK load of Yuengling Lager at her house.

I mean, just look at her… I hope I’m in that good of shape when I’m 80, let alone making it to 106. I guess I better pop a top on a couple Yuenglings tonight (I was planning on it anyways).

What a legend.

Here’s to you Margaret.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock