Morgan Wallen Longs For Home In New Fan Favorite “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt”

Nothing says home like rednecks, red letters, and red dirt.

According to Morgan Wallen, that is.

The highly anticipated Dangerous double album is out and so far, the side B second track is one of the early fan favorites. The song finds Morgan longing for home, a place that doesn’t spend much time in anymore:

“As soon as that song comes on it takes me back to East Tennessee, just makes me feel at peace you know? It’s easy to get caught up, being in the city a lot more than I ever have been in my life before. There’s good and bad things about it, but it really just makes me thankful for where I’m from.

I can’t always go back home to momma, I can’t always go do those things. But music has a way of transporting you, and that song really does that for me.”

After the kind of year he’s had, “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt” reminisces on what made Morgan the man he is as he describes how special his hometown memories. Written by Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill and Josh Thompson, it’s the kind of song that could have big single potential down the road.

Universally relatable concepts with lyrics that read like poetry, a message for anyone who might’ve lost themselves along the way… you only need only three things to get back on track.

“’Cause when I need to find me, There’s only three things that’ll work, rednecks, red letters, red dirt”.

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