You’re Gonna Love This Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”

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A few years back, Chris Stapleton dropped his debut album Traveller, introducing the world to his super-mega hit “Tennessee Whiskey” for the first time.

Later that year, he would go on to perform the song with Justin Timberlake, instantly catapulting him into superstar territory. And to this day, it continues to be one of the highest-selling albums, and most played songs in the entire genre.

It’s been covered by everybody and their mother, but this one… this one is something special.

Right off the bat, just on appearance alone, you gotta love this guy.

He’s got that whole Longhaired Redneck thing goin’ on and even the way they make this performance look super retro like that, so cool.

And you can tell he’s a big Chris Stapleton fan with the long hair and the beard too. Copying Chris’ signature mountain-man look, a bit of a Rough Rider… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say.

But enough about looks, let’s get to this cover.

Impeccable, flawless, country to the bone… this guy is the real deal in every sense of the word. I mean, Hello In There, we’re talking about a real Son Of The South.

We’ve heard enough Tennessee Whiskey covers to last a lifetime, but few have managed to impress me the way this guy did it. It’s such a perfect Country & Western song, and this fella really manages to invoke so much of the Human Emotion that makes it so great.

And in a time when it feels like Nothing Is Sacred in country music anymore, it’s good to know there are still guys out there that Got Something To Say, that keep the Compass Point directed towards true country music.

I absolutely love this cover, I know Chris would love this cover, and your Granny’s Off Her Your Rocker if she don’t love it too.

This one is pretty good too.

He’s an older gentleman so it winds up a little on the slow side for my taste, but I still think Chris would give him the nod of approval.


It should go without saying, and I hate the fact that I even need to put this at the end, but this is obviously troll post.

With more than 10 David Allan Coe record titles capitalized AND italicized in the article (you can go back and count them), it should be more than obvious. So if your blood is boiling right now, congrats… you fell for it.

Thanks for reading…

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