Canadian Teenager Shoots Monster Mule Deer Buck

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Field & Stream

Saskatchewan is world-famous for the massive bucks the province produces, both in antlers and body size in white-tails and mule deer. 

Even with the incredibly high standard, Saskatchewan has set for it takes for a buck to be considered a monster, this mule deer buck recently taken by 14-year-old Audre Ediger is an absolute monster. It’s one of the biggest bucks ever taken in the province with velvet-covered antlers any hunter would be thrilled about. 

She told Field and Stream that she and her father first saw the buck while scouting in late August and immediately knew it was something special. 

“We went every morning and night to do scouting until opening day.”

Ediger missed the first few days of archery season because she had to attend school, but when the first Saturday of the season rolled around on September 5th, she was out on the field looking for the big buck she had scouted. It didn’t long for them to find the deer, and the hunt was on. 

“We started our stalk through the canola, and after finding a sprayer track, we followed it right into 35 yards. 

We waited for four hours, when the buck finally stood up, he browsed to within 30 yards, and I let my arrow fly!”

The antlers green scored at 251 and 4/8-inches but officially measured 248-6-8 net inches by the time the velvet dried. That’s big enough to make it the 3rd biggest velvet non-typical buck ever killed in Saskatchewan. 

The province’s largest buck in that category measured 282 inches and was shot by Ron Cordes Burton in 2005. The Second largest buck in the category was shot by Beau Knutson in 2012 and measured 271-inches. 

Audrey Ediger’s buck is expected to take over the number 13 spot in the Pope & Young archery record book, so congrats to her on what is truly the buck of a lifetime. 

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