Tyler Childers And John R. Miller Team Up For Red Rocks Performance Of “Coming Down”

John R Miller and Tyler Childers country music

If you’re not on the John R. Miller  bandwagon you need to be.

Touted as a “well-traveled wordsmith mapping out the world he’s seen, three chords at a time,” by Tyler Childers, it’s no surprise Tyler brought John to open for him at Red Rocks.

John’s recently released album Depreciated might be one of my favorite albums released this year, and even if you’re not familiar, you might recognize his song “Coming Down.”

It was recorded quite a few years ago by Tyler for his Red Barn Radio Sessions.

So it was only right that John would have Tyler mosey on out at Red Rocks and lend some vocals to the opening performance.

Good stuff.

John’s studio version:

The Tyler Childers version:

A few months back, John joined the guys on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast.

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A beer bottle on a dock