The ‘Marfa Tapes’ Trio Takes Over ‘Austin City Limits’ For Songwriter Special

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The Marfa Tapes trio hit the stage at Austin City Limits this past Saturday night for an absolute power hour of music, singing songs from their recent collaborative record.

Miranda LambertJon Randall and Jack Ingram took the stage for a songwriters special at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas for the first episode of the 47th season of ACL.

After playing “Two-Step Down To Texas” and “Am I Right or Amarillo”, Miranda introduced the band in only a way that she can, saying:

“Well, I’m Miranda, this is Jack and that’s Jon. We are so happy to be the first show back at ACL, this is so freakin’ awesome. We, uh, we are on a journey together on this special project we did, that we went and made in Marfa, Texas.

And um, it’s a magical place and we’re all from Texas, all different parts. Jon and I are from central east Texas and Jack’s from Houston. But, you know, when you go out to the west side, there’s something totally different. There’s a whole different magic. So, we’re gonna do songs off the new project tonight.

Anyway, thank you in advance for goin’ down this songwriter trail with us tonight. We hope you have some fun, and cry a little, and laugh a little, and drink a lot! Speaking of drinking, there’s been some men in my life that have driven me to drink a little extra. Amen?

Anyway, one of those men is the one we wrote this song about. The way we work is, you know, we just start talkin’ about our lives and we meet each other where we are. And uh, I guess I was on a tangent and then we got a song out of it, so, this is one of my favorites. This one’s called ‘Ghost’.”

They start it around the 9:20 mark, and it’s a chilling acoustic performance of an absolutely stellar song.

They sing their incredible track “Tin Man” around the 22:20 mark, which is definitely a highlight of the show. And, one of my (and Jon’s) favorite songs on the whole record is “Waxahachie,” which they sing around the 27:50 mark.

Of course, they close it all out with their fan-favorite “Tequila Does.”

The best part is, those are just a few highlights of all the awesome moments throughout the whole show.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Miranda, Jack and Jon are some of the very country music has to offer. And combined, they’re absolutely unmatched.

The hour-long episode is only available to watch through this link right now, but I highly recommend adding it to your list of things you need to watch this weekend.

Miranda shared clips of a few of the performances on YouTube recently, too:

“Am I Right or Amarillo”

“In His Arms”


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