Luke Combs Reveals All Of The Secrets Behind His “Cold As You” Video

Now I’m not much for figuring out secrets and cryptic codes, but this one has me feeling like Nicolas Cage on National Treasure.

When Luke Combs dropped his music video for “Cold As You,” I had this eerie feeling that something about it looked all too familiar…

And I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

However, Luke and his team dropped a video, describing all of the secrets behind the video, and I realized I wasn’t slowly losing my mind.

Let’s take a look…

It kicks things off by noting the whole purpose behind the music video, is to be a continuation of his original “Hurricane” video. You see flashbacks from the original.

First off, we discover the diner that sad boy (that’s what we’re gonna call him since we have no name) walks into, is actually “Troy’s 105 Diner” in Boone, North Carolina, one of Luke’s favorite food stops.

The woman who’s serving sad boy, is actually Luke’s mom, Rhonda, and she gives us another flashback to his song “Lonely One,” by saying “You’re not the only lonely one.”

When sad boy’s ex walks into the diner, we realize that her entrance is the exact same as her entrance in the “Hurricane” video.

The grandfather and gran-daughter that get some screen time, are the same ones in the “Forever After All” video.

The two kids sitting at a booth are the same kids who play young Luke and Nicole from the “Lovin’ On You” video, along with the old TV that also made an appearance on the video.

Next off, the honky-tonk that sad boy walks into, is actually Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s “Whisky River Saloon,” a feature on his iconic wild western town.

The girl with a broken arm is the girl from his “One Number Away” video.

As the video rolls on, you can see the girl pop up on sad boy’s phone with the contact “Hurricane,” which was actually inspired by one of Luke’s friends, who changed his ex’s contact to “Hurricane” so he could avoid her calls.

The girlfriend from “When It Rains It Pours” also makes an appearance, as well as the couple from “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

At the end of the video, sad boy’s ex walks up to him and tries to plant a kiss on him like she did in the “Hurricane” video…

However, he knows that she’s just a tease, and he’s not gonna let history repeat itself… so he walks away.

So if you watched this video and felt like you were having some out of body experience, or having Deja Vu, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy.

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