Luke Combs Brings It Back To The ’90s Roller Rink With New “Lovin’ On You” Video

Are roller rinks still a thing?

If they’re not, they should be.

While the heyday of the roller rink might be long gone, it’s still reminiscent of simpler times. No cellphones, no social media, no Tik-Tok bullshit…. just you, the floor, the music, your crush, and working up the nerve to ask them to hit the floor for the all-important couple skate.

I mean, how you performed at the roller rink could make or break your 6th grade year, right? You want to show off a little bit, but hot dog it too much and you’ll wind up on your ass in front of everybody. At that point, you can kiss that couple skate goodbye… or at least that’s how it felt back then.

In the new video Luke takes it back to 1998, back when he was trying to impress a young lady at the local roller rink.

A throwback ’90s country jam, a ’90s vibe music video and an awesome cameo from Luke’s wife right there at the end. That’s how you do a music video.

Honestly, the end made the whole video… just wait for it.

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