Sturgill Simpson Refutes Claims That He Forced Tyler Childers To Release ‘Long Violent History’

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Tyler Childers dropped a bomb on the country music world with the release of his surprise Long Violent History record.

Featuring a number of instrumental, old time fiddle tunes, the record’s title track was the lone song with any vocal work from Tyler. It was also the most polarizing.

And while Tyler’s commentary on the state of racial injustice, his call for empathy, and his plea for white folks to place themselves in the shoes of their black brothers and sisters was one of the more articulate, well-thought out, and overall compelling reflections I’ve heard this year, it didn’t stop the silly comments from flooding across the interwebs.

Many voiced their support, many stood in opposition, and some were out here with their tin foils hats on.

Exhibit A:

Yep, one bizarre theory among the haters was that Sturgill Simpson was behind all of it.

Of course, Sturgill was quick to set the record straight. In a recent Instagram post, Sturgill confirmed that he did not, in fact, make Tyler Childers record this song (once again, LOL) but that he was proud of him for doing so.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Absolutely not true. First of all I couldn’t force Tyler to do anything… he might be the only person I’ve ever met just as (if not more) stubborn than me.

I certainly did not force him to make that album… I honestly didn’t even know he had recorded it until he sent it to me.

I may have “mildly suggested” to him over the phone that this is not the time for silence on such matters, but Tyler is VERY MUCH his own man and a brilliant artist and he said what needed to be said at a time it needed saying and I’m extremely proud to know him and call him a friend for it… much like I’m proud to know Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, and Margo Price and countless others.

(Actually Margo is twice the man we all are…she’ll straight up cut a bitch).”

To which Margo replied:

“Well, we’re all gonna catch hell for everything and be banned from all the award shows no matter what so fuck it.”

“Long Violent History”

Tyler’s message:


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