Garth Brooks Announces Oklahoma City Dive Bar Tour Stop, Gets Over 130,000 Applicants For 700 Tickets

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The Dive Bar Tour is BACK.

If you remember back to the summer of 2019, Garth Brooks launched a rather epic Dive Bar Tour, hitting up a number of different venues across the country.

Joe’s Bar here in Chicago, the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, Gruene Hall In Texas… okay, not exactly dive bars per se, but we’re talking rooms that are a micro-fraction of the kinds of stadiums G is used to playing.

I mean hell, the guys sells out a football stadium in five minutes… can imagine the demand for a 500 person room? But you can’t buy these tickets, Garth releases all tickets to the local radio station, who are free to run promotions, giveaways, etc…

And after canceling his Stadium Tour for the rest of the year, Garth has opted to restart the Dive Bar Tour.

First stop: The Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City (also not really a dive bar, but whatever).

And let just say the turnout was BIG.

Ran through 93.3 Jake-FM, fans were able to request tickets via their app. They received over 10,000 entries in the first 40 minutes, crashing the app. In just a few days, they’ve managed to garner some 130,000 requests for tickets (they’re offering 700 tickets).

Garth Brooks said the turnout from his home state:

“Let me get this straight…93.3 Jake-FM is only a couple of days in on the dive bar promotion and have had 130,000 entries for a venue that is issuing 700 tickets?

That’s not just crazy, that’s insane.”

It made history for the radio station too:

“I can’t even find words… this is groundbreaking. This is the biggest promotion in 93.3 Jake FM’s history.”

The concert will be Monday, October 11th.

All entrants must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

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