Anheuser-Busch To Launch Zero-Carb “Bud Light Next” In 2022

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We’ve seen all sorts of alcohol gimmicks come out in 2021…

95% of them have been hard seltzers…

I mean seriously, just about every single domestic beer has its own version of the hard seltzer now… except for Busch, they refuse (thank God).

Bud Light of course has a hard seltzer as well, and they recently announced their fall variety pack, complete with, yep… pumpkin spice seltzer. Fucking kill me…

But next year, they’re about to mix it up ever more.

According to Just Drinks, Anheuser-Busch InBev is gearing up to release “Bud Light Next,” the company’s first ever carb-free beer.

In an effort to appeal to more “health-conscious” consumers, Bud Light Next will weigh in at just 4% ABV, consisting of 80-calories, and of course, zero carbs.

The company announced that their goal is to step it up a notch and reach “Generation Z” even more, who opt to lean more towards seltzers (Man, I hate that).

“Brewed for the 21-plus Gen Z audience, Bud Light Next is for the next era of beer drinkers, by providing them an alternative beer that has the stats and sessionability of products they enjoy such as seltzers, and carries on the legacy of the Bud Light name.”

According to Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, it’s all about providing a the next generation a low carb option:

“Today’s consumers have got options of low calorie and low carb products, this is another entry to have something that goes all the way to zero carbs. It’s a big consumer trend we see across many consumer industries.”

I mean, you could just have Michelob Ultra, right? Or a water? Whatever, you do you Bud Light…

I suppose if Bud Light is just a little too heavy for you, and you’re dead set on having a watered down beer for some reason, go ahead and give it a go.

Me personally? I think they should get their scientists working on the other end of the spectrum. Gimme an 8%, flavorful Bud that packs a punch.

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A beer bottle on a dock