Chase Bryant Releases Acoustic Video For Nostalgic “Think About That”

Really digging what Chase Bryant has been doing lately.

Chase made his triumphant return to the country music scene after a dark time in his life with the release of his latest album, Upbringing. 

For me, the entire album is some of the best music that Chase has made in his career – and I think he would probably tell you the same thing himself, after taking some time away to work on fixing both himself and his music.

Before dropping the album back in July, Chase released the absolutely incredible “High, Drunk and Heartbroke,” a monster 6-and-a-half minute bluesy heartbreaker that I firmly believe is one of the most underrated songs of the year.

And another standout on the album is the nostalgic “Think About That,” which was the song that inspired Chase to make the album in the first place.

Produced by Jon Randall and co-written by Lance Miller, Brad Warren, and Brett Warren, Chase says that he set out to try to write something that would paint the same kind of vivid picture as another music legend:

“Tom Petty’s Wildflowers record was huge for me. I loved songs that were so picture-esque like those on that record.

I had set out to try and write something very nostalgic and had the hook and main idea of where this song was gonna go. In true Texas fashion over Fajita Tacos and Mexican Cokes, the Warren Brothers, Lance Miller and I sat down and penned this one.”

And the picture painted by the song’s vivid lyrics is one that pretty much everybody will be able to relate to: Looking back on – and being haunted by – the memories you’ve made with people who are now in your past.

“That Mellencamp shirt that she cut off
That Wildflower tattoo she had on her shoulder
And how we did a lot first time things you can’t take back
Mardi Gras beads hangin’ from her rearview
Pat Green CD we knew all the words to
And that little pink house I drive by every time I come back
No, I never think about that”

And now, Chase has released an acoustic video for “Think About That” – and we’re pumped to bring you the exclusive premiere.


I say it all the time: What sets country music apart is its ability to tell a story. To paint a picture and take you right back to a moment in time or to people in your own life.

And that’s why I love this acoustic performance from Chase: It puts the spotlight on the picture that the song is painting.

Because sometimes that’s all you need when you have a great song like this.

And in case you missed it, Chase also recently stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk about his incredible story and his new outlook on his life and his music.

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