Whiskey Riff Partners With Got Your Six Support Dogs To Help Veterans and First-Responders

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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to write about this new partnership.

You, the fans, or Whiskey Riffers, are a different breed. Back in 2017 after the Route 91 tragedy, we launched the limited edition Whiskey Riff Gold Star Tee and raised $21,610 for the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund thanks to your generosity.

Since then, you also came through and helped us raise money for the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Got Your Six Support Dogs to give back to another incredible cause.

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Got Your Six Support Dogs is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to providing specialized service dogs to veterans and first-responders suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and/or sexual trauma. Their mission is to help these men and women regain their lives through the healing power of dogs.

The organization began due to the need of veterans and first-responders requesting PTSD service dogs when all other methods of treatment have failed. A service dog can truly change the life of an individual suffering from PTSD. They not only train service dogs and then match them with their lifelong owners, but also train therapy dogs so that they can serve local area residents in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc.

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You know how much we love dogs here if you follow the brand – this takes that love to the next level.

To start, we’re launching FIVE new shirts at Whiskey Riff Shop. Each shirt purchase will have a portion of the proceeds going directly back to this amazing organization. We had some fun with these designs knowing so many dog lovers follow Whiskey Riff…

We also know how much you care about Veterans and First-Responders, as do we, making this that much more meaningful.

For more info on Got Your Six Support Dogs, click here.

This is just the beginning. As time goes on, we plan to bring you stories from these incredible men and women and their new support dogs, along with more shirts and even a new dog bandana (many of you have been asking for these, they’ll be here soon).

The wait is over – the shirts are now live at Whiskey Riff Shop.

A t-shirt with a message

A t-shirt with writing on it

A black t-shirt with a logo on it

A grey t-shirt with a logo on it

A black t-shirt with a red and blue logo

A t-shirt with a logo on it

A black t-shirt with a logo on it

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