Kacey Musgraves Teases Clip From New Album Rumored To Be Titled ‘Star-Crossed’

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Here we go…

Kacey Musgraves celebrated her birthday this year by firing up her fans with a series of teasers on her new album.

Of course, she recently revealed that she was about to “burst the fucking bubble” with her upcoming “divorce” album. In an interview she confessed that this album was heavy, a modern-day tragedy… a much different tune than what many fans fell in love with on Golder Hour.

“They see me as this starry-eyed, rose-colored glasses kinda girl, the ‘Golden Hour’ girl.

Well, here I come with a post-divorce album, bursting the fucking bubble.”

She also said that it might even be more country than Golden Hour:

“I’m a big patchwork quilt. You can cut up in a million different ways and still not be sure of what it is… sometimes I feel like this album has more of a foot in country than Golden Hour.”

But back to the teaser…

In a series on Instagram clips, she shared one audio teaser, and several others featuring what appear to be lyrics. If you piece together the clips, only the first of which actually contains any sound, you get these lyrics:

“Let me set the scene, two lovers ripped right at the seams
They woke up from the perfect dream, and then the darkness came
I signed the papers yesterday, you came and took your things away
Moved out of the home we made, and gave you back your name.

What have we done?
Did we fly too high?
Just to get burned by the sun?
No one’s to blame
‘Cause we called all the angels to save us
Called them by name
But I guess they got lost.”

The clips appears to be from a song titled “Star-Crossed,” which is rumored to possibly feature Carlos Santana.

“Star-Crossed” also might be the title track of the new album, hitting shelves on September 24th, however nothing has been confirmed or officially announced.

Stay tuned…

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