Hideki Matsuyama Sends A Tee Shot… Right Into A Guy’s Shirt?

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Head on a swivel whenever you’re watching a golf tournament in person.

Although you’re watching the best golfers in the world, not even the best of the best can avoid the occasional mis-shot into the crowd, forcing everybody to duck for cover.

In the past, we’ve seen fans get absolutely drilled by golf balls while watching a PGA Tour event.

Hell, I remember back in 2018 when Phil Mickelson hit a rogue shot into the crowd, breaking a fan’s Rolex watch (he did give the fan a signed glove and some money though).

Needless to say, it happens…

And a similar situation happened today with Hideki Matsuyama at Liberty National.

This was a little more bizarre though, as Matsuyama’s ball somehow made its way into a fan’s shirt. And no, it didn’t somehow go through the collar, it literally went up his shirt.

Of course, Matsuyama got free relief from the strange occurrence, and it was good to see the fan was unharmed.

But still… What’re the odds?!

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