Koe Wetzel Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His New “Drunk Driving” Music Video

Koe Wetzel’s newest music video cuts deep.

The video for “Drunk Driving”, from his latest album Sellout, was released last week and ended up being quite a departure in mood from previous videos like “Cold & Alone” and “Good Die Young”.

A more somber, ominous video than what we’re used to from Koe, which is typically just him partying his ass off, it’s a nice change in pace, and actually pretty cool to get to see a different side of him here.

To summarize quickly, this one starts off with Koe in a Catholic Church confessional room, then cuts to a young woman crying in a diner, and ends with the girl in the same church reading what looks to be a suicide note from her boyfriend.

It’s a pretty sad and depressing emotional rollercoaster of a video, but behind the scenes, Koe was his usual self:

“What’s up y’all, this is Koe Wetzel here. We’re on the set of “Drunk Driving”, the new music video for it. Patrick Tohill put together all of this, the whole video, together.

It’s coming together. It’s kind of a dark, ominous video. I don’t know, man. Not to condone drunk driving or anything like that, but, he’s been awesome to work with. I think y’all are gonna dig what’s going on.

If y’all are drinkin’, be safe, be smart, don’t drink and drive. And hopefully y’all dig this.”

He then proceeds to sing the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art” (his own, unique version of it), and it got me thinking that maybe we need a classic hymns album in addition to that full-blown country record.

He also admits he’s had quite a few drinks to get him through the day, and as soon as they finished filming, he was ready to hit the town:

“Yeah, it’s going about like how you’d figure.

I’m pretty drunk right now, it’s been a long day, but we’re almost done, so I’m ready to go out on the town and shake a leg.”

Check out a little bit of what went down behind the scenes:

And, go ahead and watch the final product if you haven’t yet:

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A beer bottle on a dock