Oklahoma Family Hires Bigfoot For Daughter’s 6th Birthday And Shocker… It Scared The Hell Out Of Her

A baby with a surprised expression

Way to go mom and dad…

A princess, a magician, a clown (also kind of scary)… all acceptable characters to invite to your house for a child’s birthday.

Bigfoot? Not so much…

According to KJRH, an Oklahoma family usually goes big with the birthday cake each year, but when the ornate cake fell through, they decided to go even bigger. Maybe, too big…

They hired Mrs. Bigfoot, also known as Cinnamon (dafuq kind of stripper name is Cinnamon?) to come to her 6th birthday party and let’s just say it went… poorly.

The rather lifelike Bigfoot creature showed up with balloons, a bow and a tutu, but that still wasn’t enough to keep from sending the child into a panic when it walked up and started peeking through the windows like a weirdo.

Needless to say, the kids were terrified.

“We just thought, I mean she came with balloons and a bow and a tutu, so I thought ‘oh this will be cute and fun.’ Well, my kids did not have that reaction.”

After Bigfoot came in, the children eventually calmed down and had a good time, but they still don’t want Bigfoot coming back anytime soon.

“I would just recommend it for a good time because obviously by the video my kids thought so too… but they don’t want her to come back though.”

Gee, don’t pat yourself on the back too much there mom. If they don’t want Bigfoot back at the house, something tells me they didn’t have that good of a time.

Also, hope grandma and grandpa put an extra 20 in that birthday card because kiddo gonna need some therapy to combat the PTSD they undoubtedly have after a stunt like that.

I mean hell, why not go all out and hire Chucky? Freddy Krueger? Leatherface? You know, really put the kiddos in some therapy for the rest of their natural born lives.

Oh, and Bigfoot… maybe don’t peek through people’s windows before you make the grand entrance? Seems like a good way to get shot in Oklahoma. Knock on the door like a normal person…

And what’s the deal with Bigfoot in Oklahoma?

I was always under the impression Bigfoot lived in the Pacific Northwest, deep in the forests of Washington state, but Oklahoma seems to be the place lately.

We have politicians putting $3 million bounties on a live capture of the beast, he’s showing up at children’s birthday parties… what’s the deal, Oklahoma?

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