Grandma Accidentally Gets High As Giraffe Balls On “Edible” Banana Bread & It’s The Funniest Thing On The Internet

Dammit grandma… can’t take you anywhere.

I mean, sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at some old people. Granted, we’re all gonna be there someday, so we’ll get our turn too, but this is just too damn funy.

Not a whole of context, but we have a stoned to the bone grandmother here who sent out a video to her family, talking about how she accidentally ate some “edible” banana nut bread.

Yes, THAT kind of “edible.”

Of course, sweet ol’ grandma was oblivious, and ate a whole SLICE of it.

Needless to say, she wound up higher than a kite, a bit paranoid, and embarrassed as all hell. She talks about how when the edible hit, she was mortified of everything around her. I mean stage 10 paranoia.

“So, also, one of the bad effects pot has on me, is paranoia… So it’s scary, it hit me like a fucking sledgehammer.”

“I don’t know if I should stand up.”

“It’s the weirdest feeling. It feels like LSD or something like that… not that I know what that feels like.”

I am curious though, how in the hell did she un-knowingly get her hands on pot banana bread? Was she walking down the street and saw a guy selling banana nut bread in plastic bags on the corner? Did someone at home just leave a bag on the counter?

I would say it’s unlikely, but nothing really surprises me these days.

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