Chase Rice Is Done With The Pandemic: “This Thing Is Over… We’re Going Back To Normal Life”

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Kaiser Cunningham

It’s no surprise that last year was a tough year for everybody, but it was especially tough for touring music artists who primarily make their money by playing shows.

Touring was put on pause, face-to-face songwriting was next to nonexistent, and artists had to adapt to life indoors real quick. Not to mention their bands, crews, sound, lighting, booking, catering… when live music/entertainment gets canceled, it affects WAY more people than just the name on the marquee.

However this year, we’ve seen life slowly get back to normal. Restaurants and bars are open, festivals have resumed, concerts are back… and fans and artists alike are hungry to get back to business.

However, the new “Delta” variant of the virus could possibly put things on pause once again, depending on what this month looks like.

Garth Brooks recently announced that he plans to put his tour on hold in the next few weeks to reassess where we are with the spread of the virus. Tickets for his Seattle concert were supposed to go on sale this Friday, however that is no longer the case.

With that being said, there’s one country music artist who’s been very vocal about being ready to move on completely from the pandemic:

Chase Rice.

According to Billboard, he recently sat down for an interview with Audacy’s Coop, noting that last year he was starting to lose hope:

“It’s something that you start losing hope towards the end of last year because, in the beginning of last year, it’s like, ‘Eh, we’ll be back in no time.’

And that changes pretty quickly to, ‘Man, I don’t know if this is ever gonna get back to normal.'”

That is when he added:

“Thank God it is. This thing’s over. If you don’t think so, move on. It’s over… we’re going back to normal life, and if you don’t want to do that, stay home.

We’re partying, country music’s back, music’s back. Live events are back and I couldn’t be happier.”

Keep in mind the interview was conducted on July 20th, and things were looking much better then, but that just goes to show you how fast things can change.

In a matter of just a couple weeks, we went from packed concerts and festivals, to wondering if fall tours are even going to happen this year.

With COVID-19 cases spiking across just about every state, especially over the last two weeks, and with the news about Garth Brooks potentially canceling the rest of his Stadium Tour, it doesn’t bode well for fall tours.

I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but with the way things are going right now, it looks like some more cancellations are coming in the near future.

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