Man Breaks Out A Scale At Texas Roadhouse When He Suspected His Steak Was Too Small

Texas Roadhouse

I mean, gotta respect a guy who expects to get what he pays for, right?

Well according to LadBible it sounds like that’s exactly the type of guy that we have in Antonio Chacon.

Antonio is also a guy who obviously has great taste in dining, since he chose to celebrate his birthday at Texas Roadhouse.

Now, I’m a BIG Texas Roadhouse guy. Those rolls with the cinnamon butter, the steak that’s perfectly cooked and tastes like it was cooked by a dad on his backyard grill after a few garage beers…you can’t beat it. Ask me where I want to eat and 90% of the time my answer is going to be Texas Roadhouse.

And the food’s usually pretty consistent at Texas Roadhouse, which is another big plus.

But when Antonio decided to celebrate his birthday at Texas Roadhouse and ordered the ribs and steak combo (great choice), he noticed that his 6 oz. sirloin looked a little…tiny.

Ok, it looked a lot tiny. In fact, according to Antonio, “it looked like a children’s meal.”

But instead of just accepting the undersized meat, Antonio decided to confirm his suspicions.

After checking with the manager to see if it was ok, Antonio went out to his car to get a scale to weigh his steak and see just whether or not he’d gotten the birthday meal he was expecting.

With the waitress at the table assuring him that the steak would weigh between 4 – 5 ounces (because obviously the weight on the menu is the weight of the steak before it’s cooked, and it’s going to shrink a bit on the grill), Antonio plopped the steak down on the scale to find that it weighed a measly 3.685 ounces.

Now, is it a little bit of a Karen move to whip out a scale in the middle of a restaurant to weigh your food? Sure.

Others were also speculating that the steak was so small because he had ordered it well done. And well, if that’s the case then you get whatever punishment you deserve.

But it seems to have worked out for our boy Antonio, who said that the restaurant then prepared him a new steak that was the proper size, and gave him a discount on his meal.

So do we all need to start carrying scales with us when we go out to eat to make sure that our food’s the right portion size? I mean, probably not, but now I’m going to think about this every time I get a steak from Texas Roadhouse.

Don’t worry though Texas Roadhouse – you’re still the best in the game. In fact, I’m craving that ribeye right now as I write this.

And speaking of Texas Roadhouse, I wonder if this couple is still eating there six nights a week. Because honestly, that sounds like my dream.

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