Summer Olympics 2021: Team Country Music

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Man, I love the Olympics.

The tradition, the skill, the insanity of athletes dedicating almost every second of their lives to being the absolute best in what they do, it’s truly a must-see sporting spectacle.

As most people do while watching, I was remembering my glory days as an “athlete” when I got to thinking… what country music artists were also athletes? I knew a few off the top of my head that were football players, but there had to be some who did or still do other sports, but more specifically ones in the Summer Olympic Games.

I present to you, Summer Olympics: Team Country Music.

Golf: Jake Owen

Literally, as I was writing this article, Jake posts a video of him hitting a monster shot.. it’s no secret he’s a top level golfer.

Surfing & Rock Climbing: Kip Moore

Surfing and rock climbing being Olympic sports make me super happy for some reasons, even though I’ve never done either. Kip Moore is no stranger to waves or mountains and frequently takes trips to any island he can find to spend some time on the water and on the side of a cliff.

Taekwondo: Willie Nelson

While his most lethal days are probably behind him, Willie Nelson has been a long-time practitioner of multiple martial arts, including Taekwondo where he holds a second degree blackbelt.

You can say messing with him would be Willie dangerous… (sorry, I had too)

Javelin: Garth Brooks

While Garth had a way more successful career as a baseball player, signing with the San Diego Padres, Kansas City Royals and even participating in Spring Training with the New York Mets, but him throwing a javelin is just too good to pass up.

Tennis: Kenny Rogers

While he did shake Jordan once on the basketball court, The Gambler was a legit Pro Tennis player, even having an ATP ranking, before becoming a country music legend.

Archery: Koe Wetzel

If he can take down this monster hog with a bow, I’m sure Koe could hit some targets…

Wrestling: Chad Brock

Okay, it’s not the same wrestling, but the fact that the “Yes!” singer was a pro-wrestler as he began his music career is fantastic.

Marathon: Morgan Wade

While 26.2 miles might be a light day for Morgan, there’s not many people that can run nearly that far, so she gets the easy nod for distance running.

Rugby: Luke Combs

Being on a team with Luke must have been a great time. His teammates came out to support him at his first gig too, which is super cool. Safe to say, they left there impressed.

Breakdancing: Chris Young

Breakdancing won’t be an Olympic sport until 2024, but my goodness I need to see Chris Young there.

Skateboarding: Chris Janson

So, just based on looks, this makes sense. Bit scrawny, the shaggy hair, drinks a TON of Mountain Dew… Chris Janson just looks like he belongs on a board.

Equestrian: Reba McEntire

Believe it or not, Reba was actually quite the rodeo star before she gave up that dream to chase another in country music. She still has those horses though…

Cycling: Dierks Bentley

Dierks has been biking his ass off lately, literally taking on 100-mile rides from Colorado to Utah. If anyone can handle some serious cycling, it’s him.

Weightlifting: Riley Green

As far as I know, Riley isn’t competing in any kind of Olympic Power Lifting, but there’s no doubt the former D1 Quarterback has some serious strength.

Don’t believe me? Ask the guy he arm wrestled at the Flora-Bama

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