Pro Surfer Hauls In World Record Yellowmouth Grouper Off Coast Of Florida

A person holding a fish

A Florida resident is in the headlines for something positive and uplifting for a change, and not something completely absurd like naked rampages at Outback Steakhouse, curb stomping an iguana, throwing cheeseburgers at restaurant employees, or recording the album Beach Cowboy.

In addition to producing some of the craziest stories in the entire country, Florida also offers some of the very best fishing opportunities in the entire country. Although, you do need to be cautious that you don’t get attacked by an alligator while enjoying those fishing opportunities.

Justin Quintal recently took advantage of those fishing opportunities, and he landed himself a new world record yellowmouth grouper. This isn’t his first claim to a world title though, Quintal also won the 2019 World Surf League longboard championship. The man is a magician on on a surfboard.

The record breaking fish weighed 23-ounces and was hooked 60 miles off the coast of Jacksonville. He knew it was big, but it wasn’t until a picture of the yellowmouth he posted to Facebook started going viral did he realize he might have caught something really, really special.

After the boat returned to shore, he tossed the fish in the car and made the 3-hour trek to the nearest International Game Fish Association (IGFA) weigh station. It was worth the drive, because his fish is big enough to be the new world record for the species.

He shared his story with the Citrus County Chronicle.

“It’s a pretty exotic group of fish. 

A pretty well-known fisherman in the Jacksonville area hit up my friend, they suggested I get it weighed and check it out.

I’m so stoked right now.”

If verified, Quintal’s fish broke the previous record of 22-pounds 8-ounces, which was caught by Brian Ford in 2002 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

A tissue sample of his fish has been submitted to verify the species, and documentation of the official weight from the certified weigh station supports the record breaking claims so now Quintal is awaiting confirmation of his spectacular catch from the IGFA.

Fishing licenses in Florida can be purchased through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and it’s important to note that separate licenses are needed for salt and fresh water fishing.

As always, check the rules and regulations for whatever state you’re fishing in prior to hitting the water, and fish responsibly and save the whiskey for the dock.

Now enjoy this footage of Quintal absolutely ripping some waves on his longboard.

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