Naked Florida Woman Gets Tazed After Bottle Smashing Rampage At Outback Steakhouse

Do you believe in love at first sight? Because after seeing this video, I think I do.

I might have a hard time explaining to my parents why their 29 year old son is dating a 53 year old, but once they see the footage I’m sure they’ll understand.

The woman I’m talking about is from Ocala, Florida and her name is Tina Kindred. More like Tina Kindred spirits though, because I feel you girl.

There have been at least 50-60 times in my life that I’ve just wanted to strip down naked at an Outback Steakhouse, jump up on the bar, shake my bloomin’ onion, and break every wine glass and bottle I can find. The only thing that has prevented me from ever doing so is the fear of getting tazed by police officers (I’m kidding….)

But, Tina m’lady, you have just proved my concerns right.

She was tazed and arrested over the weekend for a criminally nude rampage that didn’t just include an Outback Steakhouse though, it also included a Mojo Grill.

According to the Ocala News, the woman has been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief after she flung multiple wine bottles at a responding officers, even hitting one in the arm. In the video footage, she can be seen on video breaking all of the wine bottles and glasses she can get her hands on.

Police Arrive On The Scene

The sheriff’s report indicates that authorities were called to respond to a woman acting out of control. Things seem to have started out innocently enough with her just running around topless and banging on tables and windows, but her escapades escalated from there.

Next she showed off her strength and flipped over some tables before attempting to get into a customer’s car. She then tried to make an escape in her own car, but instead just recklessly drove around in the parking lot for a bit.

Prior to arriving on the scene at the Mojo Grill incident, the police had also received a separate call from the Outback Steak House, where they claimed a woman had arrived naked and acting “crazy” while breaking everything she could find behind the bar.

When police responded to the call from Mojo Grill, the naked woman attacked the officer who was already standing in a puddle of spilled alcohol and broken glass all over the floor. She was swiftly tazed and taken to the hospital for tests and treatment where she was found without narcotics in her system, but some traces of THC were present.

Wait…. NO NARCOTICS? I mean, this screams meth, doesn’t it?

After a check in at the hospital, she was transported to Marion County Jail on June 1, where she’s currently being held on a $10,000 bond for the aggravated assault charge, and another $2,000 bond for criminal mischief. She is still in jail and hasn’t been released on bail yet.

The Aftermath

The total cost of the damages she caused is still unknown, but the police report indicates it could come up to thousands of dollars.

When asked by cops about potential motives for her actions, Kindred said she it was because she found out the owner of the restaurants is not an honest man and admitted that she started flipping tables because she was denied service (presumably for being naked)?

She also said that she went inside the Outback Steak House with the intent to destroy it, which would mean her naked wine breaking rampage was premeditated.

Well, you can say what you want about Miss Tina… but at least she’s honest.

I mean, this Florida woman might just be the most Florida Woman of all time.

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