Kick Back & Drink Up With Drake White’s New “Mix ‘Em With Whiskey”

John Shearer

If you’re a loyal Whiskey Riffer, you’ve heard “Mix ‘Em With Whiskey” from our dude Larry Fleet. Written by Ryan Beaver, Rodney Clawson, Adam Hambrick, Andrew DeRoberts, it’s a fantastic tune.

But for his upcoming EP, Stars, Drake White is releasing his own version. Something he calls “top-shelf soul country.”

“This is top-shelf soul country for me. The lyric is smooth but the guitar bites. It’s one of those jams that is a pleasure to perform, and it’ll have everyone singin’ and sippin’ in just one listen.”

Drake White continues to be one of the most underrated, most talented, most soulful guys in all of country music and “Mix “Em With Whiskey” is right in that quintessential Drake White wheelhouse. It’s country as all hell and dripping in that sweet southern soul.

And you know what goes better when you mix it whiskey? Quarantine.

Quarantine and A LOT of whiskey.

Stars hits shelves on April 24th.

Stars Tracklist:

“Luckiest Man” (Ben Burgess, Josh Kerr, Alysa Vanderheym, Cary Barlowe)
“Mix ‘Em With” Whiskey (Ryan Beaver, Rodney Clawson, Adam Hambrick, Andrew DeRoberts)
“Eat, Drink & Dream” (Drake White, Tommy Cecil, Greylan James)
“My Favorite Band” (Drake White, Ross Ellis, Dan Fernandez, Michael Whitworth)
“All Would Be Right With the World” (Drake White, Tommy Cecil, Matt Alderman)

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A beer bottle on a dock