Ryan Bingham Covering Guy Clarke’s Iconic Tune “L.A. Freeway” Is Good For The Soul

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Ryan Bingham has one of the most gritty and unique voices in country music.

Of course, if you haven’t checked out some of his original music yet, you  should definitely go ahead and do that. We have great article to here with some of his best songs if you need a good place to start.

But, he’s also known to do a cover or two on Instagram every now and then of some of his favorite country songs by other artists.

Recently, he posted his version of Guy Clarke’s iconic song “L.A. Freeway,” which comes off of Guy’s 1975 debut album Old No. 1.

It’s been covered numerous times over the years by many different artists like Steve Earle and Jerry Jeff Walker. Guy penned the song himself, and let me tell you what, Ryan’s version is good for the soul.

He posted the video on his Instagram with the caption:

“Hey everybody! I’m getting warmed up to play for ya this weekend! Here’s a little Guy Clark tune to get ya through the day.. ‘LA Freeway.’”

And the original:

Goodness gracious, it’s such a beautiful song. It’s not all that far-fetched to imagine Ryan writing it himself the way he sings it.

Ryan’s also pretty well known for his role as Walker on Paramount Network’s Yellowstone series, which is rumored to be premiering a new season sometime soon, though know official date has been announced yet unfortunately.

And personally, I’m dying to know when we’re actually getting Season 4.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait to see Kayce Dutton on my TV screen again:

To hold you over until that long-awaited day comes, make sure check out our awesome Yellowstone The Soundtrack Playlist on Apple Music or Spotify featuring every single one of the incredible songs through Season 3.


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