Kip Moore’s 2017 Song “Blonde” Is More Relevant Than Ever: “That Sh*t Makes Me Wanna Sit On A Butter Knife”

Kip Moore wearing a hat

If there’s any artist within the sphere of county music who isn’t afraid to call it like he see’s it, it’s Kip Moore.

Have you ever heard a song that stops you in your tracks because it’s borderline offensive? Or you even just read a title and think, “I’m going to hate that song” before you even listen to it? Because same.

It’s exactly how I felt about his song “Blonde,” which comes off his 2017 record Slowheart. I read that title and thought “Nope, that ain’t for me.”

And that’s saying a lot, because Kip is one of my favorite artists of all time.

If you’re wondering why, I don’t know if you can tell by that little photo in the lefthand corner at the top of the page, but my hair is pretty blonde. Is that a dumbass reason not to like a song? Absolutely. But at the time, I figured there were so many other tracks to dig into on the album that I wouldn’t be missing anything by passing on it.

But, I was wrong. Very wrong. And I’m here to publicly eat a big ol’ helping of crow.

As with any good record, as time went on, I would find a new song I loved more every few months. From “Just Another Girl,” to “I’ve Been Around,” to “Fast Women,” I think I listened to it nonstop for at least a year.

And the other day, “Blonde” just so happened to pop up on my playlist and it was like hearing it for the first time.

I mean, Kip went for it here. It’s pretty obvious to me that there were no holds barred in the writing room on that one. The concept of the song is that there’s a girl from his hometown who goes off to a big city, dyes her hair, gets lip injections, and basically sells her soul for followers, Insta-fame and clout.

And he calls her out on all the ways she’s changed since she left and forgot where she came from.

Then, a few lightbulbs went off and I had a vague memory of him talking about this song somewhere whenever the record first came out. And that would be way back on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast in 2017.

The funny thing is, I went back to listen and see what he said about the track at the time, and SHIT is it more relevant now than ever.

It’s almost scary how on point he was. Even though that was only four years ago, it feels like a lifetime.

Here’s a little bit about where the idea came from:

“We just got to talkin’ about, when we got into the room that day, I had the guitar riff. And it just felt like such an R&Bish tune. So first off, you’re just trying to get in the space of ‘Okay, what is the music saying, how is the melody gonna be?’

You know, we knew it was a softer melody first of all, and it was never a melody to over sing. But it was, we just got to talking about how crazy everyone’s gotten with social media and how people are losing their minds by doing whatever it takes to get followers.

And I know I’ve been pushed by me team to do stuff, certain things that will gain more followers.

You get pushed and pushed and pushed, and then all of a sudden what happens I think with people is, it might’ve been uncomfortable or unnatural at first, but then they start doing it and then their ego starts getting fed by all the ‘Gosh you look so amazing’, or this or that and so you keep doing those things.

And then before you know it, you’re doing all these things to have your ego fed by little teeny-boppers that are commenting on your stuff.”

I have to laugh hearing that, because it seems to me like all of that is 100 times worse in 2021. It’s a constant barrage of half naked girls who’ve had all kinds of work done selling other girls an image that is completely edited and unrealistic. Even fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret are starting to address the unrealistic way they portray beauty.

Then, you have guys who post shirtless photos in the gym or looking in the mirror that are beyond cringe-worthy. So guys, if you’re doing that, just… stop.

He goes on to say that it wasn’t about a specific person, but more so a commentary on the landscape as a whole.

You know, like the girls selling some bullshit tea in a bikini who were probably at the gym for two hours prior claiming that this is all you need to achieve whatever body image it is that you’re going for.

Or, you have the ones marketing face cream on Instagram stories telling you it will completely change your skin knowing full-well that they filmed it a day after going to the doctor for botox.

And let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you choose to do that, go for it, but the problem is when it starts to become so fake and push a whole alternate reality that literally no human being can ever achieve.

And it’s obviously not just women, but I feel more qualified to speak on that part of social media than what guys are doing.

That’s my little rant on why I can’t stand social media most of the time, here’s what Kip hates:

“I think what drives me the most crazy is when somebody, it’s either in the gym or in their car and you can see that they’re filming from a downward angle their cleavage and kind of doing their pokin’ out lips. and doin this thing where they’re trying to be so seductive.”

And it’s funny because it’s true. From 2017 to now, not much has changed. In fact, it may be worse…

Kip proceeds to sum it all up and hit us with what is possibly my favorite quote of all time:

“That shit makes me wanna sit on a butter knife.”


As far as his thoughts on the conundrum altogether and where we were headed back then?

“I don’t think it’s gonna get any better, it’s only gonna get worse. I need to let it go, but at the same time, I can’t when I see it.”

Did somebody give this man a crystal ball? Damn.

I have to say, I feel a little bit better knowing that the song is less of a personal attack on my hair color and more of a commentary on American culture, social media, and human beings in general.

Or maybe I just totally made it into that on my own… you know what they say, we always have more fun.

I highly recommend going back and listening to the podcast here.

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