Virginia Kid Sells His Pokémon Cards To Pay For Dog’s Surgery, Winds Up Raising $24,000 & Helping Four Other Dogs

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Here’s a feel good Friday story right here.

There’s a reason why they call dogs “Man’s Best Friend.”

They’re always there for you whenever you’re feeling down, picking you back up in an instant, but sometimes, we gotta return the favor. That was true for eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann, when he was struck with the heartbreaking news that his dog was sick.

The Lebanon, Virginia resident had been dreaming of a dog for a long time, when a neighbor had some puppies, and was willing to give one to Kliemann.

According to the New York Post, they quickly became best friends, naming the dog Bruce, when his mother Kimberly Woodruff accidentally made the mistake of forgetting to refrigerate the dog’s vaccines, ultimately making the dog sick with parvo, a potentially deadly virus.

The surgery would cost $655, and maybe more if Bruce had to stay overnight at the animal hospital.

When Woodruff realized that she may not be able to afford the surgery, Bryson began thinking of ways to raise money for ol’ Bruce.

And what did he decide?

Selling his most prized possessions: His Pokémon cards.

He had a large collection that he had been keeping since he was four, and made a “Pokémon Card Stand” outside of his house.

Woodruff had this to say in an interview with USA Today:

“It started out with a few neighbors, and then those people told people, and they told more people, and it kept going and going.”

She posted Bryson’s efforts on Facebook, and began a GoFundMe, so more people could contribute.

After selling the cards for $5-$10, he managed to raise over $400 in two days. On top of that, a Pokémon company International employee got word of the young man’s efforts, and sent him a pack of rare Pokémon cards from Seattle, Washington, and the National Dog Show even invited him to their November event.

Next thing you know, he ended up raising over $24,000 for the dog. Bruce was able to have a successful surgery, and Bryson and his mom were able to help pay for four other family’s sick dogs.

So needless to say, this was a win for everybody. Who knew a collection of Pokémon cards would end up saving five dog’s lives?

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