I Need More Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Bass Fishing In My Life

Dwayne Johnson holding a fish

Can you smell what The Rock is fishing?

Few folks appreciate big, fat, largemouth bass more than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A man who needs no introduction, The Rock spends his time off camera carefully managing the fish habitat found in a large lake on his property.

His interest in fisheries management stems from his passionate interest in fishing.

Notorious for keeping one of the busiest schedules out there in terms of professional commitments and fitness regiments, the Rock still often finds time to unwind on his Charlottesville, Virginia, area farm where he does plenty of fishing.

He’s been fishing since his childhood, and he hit the water again this morning and had some good luck.

Big Bass

His dedication to fishery management paid off as he reeled in a large mouth bass any angler would be thrilled with.

“So good to get away to my farm this past weekend to decompress, take mental inventory and of course – spend time with my babies. I’ve been raising my fish for over a decade now – largemouth bass, stripped bass, trout, carp, sunfish etc.

Work closely with a great team of university biologists ensuring a thriving ecosystem for the fish to live. All my fish are fat, healthy, happy and AGGRESSIVE TO EAT – like their owner.

I fell in love with fishing when I was a little boy, so quiet time like this away from the noise means everything to me.

Grateful. And a little reminder to all you guys of the importance of “self care.”

And while I don’t know about 6,7 or 8 pounds (looks about 3 and a half), he definitely got himself a beauty.

Obviously, everything The Rock does, he does with high levels of intensity and managing fish populations is no exception. He claims to be raising his bass to be extra aggressive.

So… can we get a Rock fishing show? Even just a weekly 10 minute episode on Instagram?

I’d watch the hell out of that.

Start ’em young.

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