Viral Couple From Arizona Diamondbacks Game Has Officially Called It Quits After Just Three Dates

A man and woman sitting in a bleachers

Chase Field… where love goes to die.

Remember that couple who went to the Diamondbacks game as their second date? A friend tweeted out to the teams Twitter page, asking them to find the couple and put the couple on the big screen.

Luckily, the camera crew was able to scope the two out, do a little spying, and they even received signed baseballs.

Twitter went absolutely bonkers and the world fell in love with these two crazy kids, rooting for their budding romance.

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There was a third date…

The couple was spotted once again at an Arizona Coyotes Hockey game, and once again went viral.

Next thing you know, the whole world was following this couple’s relationship.

With the whole world behind them, what could go wrong…

Well unfortunately, MboneHD informed us with the sad news that there would not be a fourth date, and the three-date relationship was over.

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It’s 2021…. we’ve been through hell, what do we gotta do to get a happy ending around here?

In the couple’s defense, they were in an insanely difficult spot. I mean going viral on the second date is tough, because at that point they aren’t even really sure if they even really like each other yet. And then, how is it really gonna get better from there? You peaked too early…

At the end of the day, we all wish the two the best of luck moving forward, and for my guy @MboneHD, keep your head up high, king. You’re a legend.

Maybe just don’t take a girl to another game. You kinda ruined that now…

Then again… maybe it wasn’t so bad…

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