The Arizona Diamondbacks Helped A Guy Spy On His Roommate’s Date During The Game

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We all know how it is when our friends are out on a date.

You’re sitting there just waiting for your phone to light up with an update on how it’s going.

Well what if that date happens to be at a televised sporting event with cameras on the whole stadium? That would make it a little easier to keep tabs on the couple, wouldn’t it?

At least that’s the idea that one Twitter user had while his roommate was on a date to an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

Well apparently the roommate wasn’t the only one curious about the date, because his tweet caught the attention of the Diamondbacks.

And with the help of some location sharing…

They found him.

The team continued to update the roommate on how the date was looking.

But then, our Romeo must have been tipped off about what his roommate was up to.

So how did the team handle the situation?

They put the couple on the big screen.

And even gave them a couple game balls to help them remember the date.

Seems like it went pretty well.

I mean other than the fact that the Diamondbacks lost to the Colorado Rockies 14-6. But as the team said, love was the real winner at the ballpark that day.

And as for the couple at the center of it all? Turns out it was their second date – and the whole world got to witness it.

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