Paige Spiranac On Feeling Uncomfortable At Golf Clubs: “Guys Are Using Range-Finders To Look At Me From Two Fairways Over”

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It’s gotta be a tough life being Paige Spiranac.

Sure, she’s got a ton of fans who love her (and her modeling), but as a popular woman in sports, you’re gonna find a number of critics that come along with it.

And apparently, she’s also got a number of weirdos that like to creep on her at the golf course too.

According to the New York Post, in an episode of her “Playing A Round” podcast on Tuesday, she addressed some serious headlines surrounding the New Jersey Golf Club, Pine Valley, and its decision to finally admit female members, after only allowing them to play the course on Sunday afternoons.

She also went in-depth on the different greetings she’s received at super exclusive golf courses, and how sometimes she doesn’t feel welcomed at all, and sometimes… a little too welcomed.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I think it’s different when I step on a property and feel uncomfortable… I’ve literally been on country clubs where guys are using range-finders to look at me from two fairways over. And I’ve had people, like, I’ll walk on, and they’re like, ‘Who let the cart girl out to play?’ They don’t make you feel welcome.

So if they’re not going to fully allow people to be members and be accepted and have the same amenities and all that, then just make it men only. I don’t care.”

She also added that stereotypes contribute those who are against welcoming women to golf clubs.

“And I know this for a fact… guys don’t like playing golf with women.

They don’t like having women on the golf course, either in front of them, behind them because there’s a stereotype that women are very slow golfers, and women are just there to socialize.

It’s also like their own little safe haven, where guys can be guys, and they’ll never get in trouble if they say whatever or do whatever, they don’t have to worry about anything.

So I honestly, truly think that guys don’t like having women on the golf course… and that is fine, but don’t change it… if you’re not going to treat them all that well when they’re actually members.”

Just say it how it is Paige, and I, as a male golfer can see it too. Guys treat the golf course as a little getaway from the real world, whether it’s their job, their wives, or whatever, and a lot of times they don’t want to see change.

However, it’s awesome to see the times are changing, though, as private golf courses are beginning to become more accepting of all members.

And let’s be honest, Paige would whoop most of our asses up and down the course.

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