Troy Cartwright’s Music Comes Full Circle With New Song “Shine On Me”

The internet’s premier one-man Tom Petty cover band just dropped a new original song that recollects his own experience runnin’ down a dream.

“Shine On Me,” the newest single from Troy Cartwright hits all the right notes with lyrical depth that should impress any music fan.

Cartwright’s newest ballad paints a powerful picture of the optimistic mindset required to make a living out of being a musician and captures his experience turning a lifetime of dreaming into tangible musical success.

With an opening verse that pays tribute to his 13-year-old self, it starts out with him shredding a broomstick like an air guitar and daydreaming about having a band join in. Plugging in some headphones, closing your eyes, and letting the sounds take you away on a magic carpet ride is something that resonates with every music fan.

The rest of “Shine On Me” touches on other relatable life experiences like broken hearts and dreaming big. The impressive songwriting pays tribute to some of Cartwright’s heroes and shouts out country music’s greatest love story as well.

“Cause if it happened for Waylon
Willie and the King
One of these days
Luck’s gonna shine a little light on me”

“If it happened for my parents 
For Johnny and June
One of these days
Love’s gonna shine on me too.”

The song also captures the uphill battle that up-and-coming musicians face while running down their crazy dreams in an industry where everyone feels like an underdog sometimes.

“But if it happened for David,
He brought Goliath to his knees,
One day heavens light is gonna shine on a sinner like me.”

The spotlight on Cartwright’s music career has been shining a little brighter lately too, indicating he’s finally past the halfway point on his way up the metaphorical mountain he alludes to in his new song.

Another recent single of his, “Hung Up On You,” has amassed more than 12 million streams on Spotify. At the end of 2020, it became his first song to make it onto the country radio waves.

It’s a classic American love story, starring fake IDs, jukeboxes, smoky dive bars, bourbon, and cheap perfume.

“Pretty surreal moment today hearing my song on country radio for the first time. Will never forget this feeling and will never take it for granted.”

You can catch both songs live in the near future if you’re down in the Lonestar State. Cartwright is headed back to where it all started at the beginning of May to team up with Hardy for a 3 show run.

“Feels pretty good to be announcing some shows again. Can’t wait to head back home, see ya soon Texas.”

Though you can certainly count on him playing his original jams, he just might have a special Tom Petty tune or two locked and loaded for his next live show too.

Beyond his uncanny physical resemblance to a young Tom Petty, his syrupy voice also sticks to Petty’s upbeat melodies so sweetly that the original heartbreaker would probably be proud.

I have no clue who Cartwright’s dad is, but if you told me it was Tom Petty I would probably believe you.

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