VIDEO: Leopard And Hyena Go To War Over Antelope

A group of animals under a tree

Nature is oftentimes beautiful, tranquil, and serene.

But it’s not a fairytale. Nature can also be harsh and violent.

For carnivores like leopards and hyenas, each day is spent scratching and clawing just to survive.

It takes a lot of red meat to fuel big cats. Predators typically exert a tremendous amount of energy on their hunts. That makes it all the more painstaking when they strike out on a pounce.

Leopards typically drag their prey into the trees and gorge on their prey for extended periods of time. That makes the theft of this antelope kill by a hyena all the more excruciating for this young cat.

Hyenas are opportunistic eaters that both scavenge and hunt, but they’re also more willing than just about any other predator to fight for their food.

Spotted hyenas have been known to reach weights of over 150 lbs and their jaws are strong enough to crush bones, which means they’re not scared to mix it up with the biggest cats in Africa.

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