Jamey Johnson’s “Mowin’ Down The Roses” Is A Scorned Man’s Dream

Dammit Jamey Johnson, the list of what we wouldn’t do for a new album is shorter than what we would do…

In a catalogue of pretty much nothing but great songs, it’s easy for a few to be overshadowed, even though they check all the boxes of a hit.

I present to you, “Mowin’ Down The Roses”.

His 2008 Platinum-selling album That Lonesome Song was the biggest of Jamey’s career, featuring songs like “High Cost of Living,” “Between Jennings and Jones,” “That Lonesome Song” and a little one called “In Color.” Maybe you’ve heard of it…

But pretty much the entire thing is pure gold, including one about a man reacting to his woman leaving.

It’s similar to Chris Stapleton’s “Nobody to Blame,” except this time roles are reversed and it’s the man who’s going to town on his woman’s stuff.

“Down in Mississippi
It’s a perfect time of year
To break out the jumper cables
And try to crank this ol’ John Deere
I can’t wait to fire it up
And put er’ into gear
I know I should be hurtin’
But I’m smiling ear to ear

Cuz I’m mowin’ down the roses
I’m mowin’ down the roses
I’m mowin’ down the roses
That you planted in our yard.”

If you’ve been heartbroken, there’s always something in your head telling you to smash some things.

Most of us never really get that far, but that’s the magic of music. It puts you in someone else’s shoes who acts out what you wish you could. The magic of Jamey Johnson is nailing what you feel and how you want to act.

“I poured out your purty perfume
Straight down the toilet bowl
And I ripped your face straight off the wall
Left nothing but some holes
I loaded up your closets
Into fifteen garbage bags
And I smoked with your potpourri
On a burn pile in the back.”

Come on back Jamey, we miss you.

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A beer bottle on a dock