Another Idiot Gender Reveal Explosion Rattles Houses 20 Miles Away

Can we just fucking ban gender reveal parties already?

Just a couple months ago, an expectant father was tragically killed in upstate New York when his gender reveal device exploded.

Then late last month two people were killed when a plane hired for a gender reveal party crashed in Mexico.

And that’s not even counting all of the wildfires, explosions, and other ridiculous injuries these stupid parties are causing.

Just stop doing it. The only reason people go to these things are for the free food and booze anyway. Just post the baby’s gender on social media and collect your likes. That’s all you want anyway.

In the latest example of stupidity from a gender reveal party, a man in Kingston, New Hampshire caused a massive explosion that rattled homes up to 20 miles away after he detonated 80 POUNDS of Tannerite at a local quarry – all to find out that he’s having a boy.

The explosion reportedly knocked pictures off of walls, caused foundation damage to local homes, and scared neighbors who thought the town was being hit by an earthquake.

Authorities say that Tannerite is legal to own and use as an over-the-counter explosive target, and that it’s their belief that the couple had permission to be on the property where the detonation occurred.

But 80 pounds?

For reference, here’s what 80 lbs of Tannerite looks like – blowing up a car.

Is that REALLY necessary for a gender reveal party? All for a video to put on social media for some likes?

Police say that the man who caused the explosion has turned himself in and is cooperating, but any charges are still undetermined at this time.

Is it time we either ban these things, or collectively agree that they’re stupid and dangerous and stop having gender reveal parties altogether?

I mean why risk killing yourself (or somebody else), or picking up criminal charges, when you could just have Eric Church open the envelope for you?

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