Justin Moore And His Manager JR Respond To Tracy Lawrence’s Claim That He Drank Them Under The Table: “He Didn’t Get All Of Us”

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We’ve got a rebuttal from Justin Moore’s camp.

If you listened to the episode of Whiskey Riff Raff featuring Tracy Lawrence, you heard Tracy tell the story about how he had Justin’s crew “crawling off the bus” after a night of drinking.

According to Tracy:

“I put ’em down son. I mean them boys were crawlin’ off the bus, they were throwing up, they couldn’t get up the next day… I hurt ’em.”

Well it seems Justin and his manager JR saw our story about Tracy’s interview, and on the most recent episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, took the opportunity to tell their side of the events.

So what was their official response?

“He didn’t get all of us.”

According to JR, Tracy DID get a couple of them though: Specifically, Justin’s drummer, Tucker Wilson, and his bandleader/guitar player Roger Lee Coleman II.

“I get a text from one of the band guys saying ‘Hey, Tracy and Joe (his longtime fiddle player) are on the band bus throwing down. Y’all come on.’ …

So by the time I get over there, yeah, they’re normal raging, I mean listening to music, arguing over who’s gonna play the next song.”

(Apparently the band guys wanted to listen to bluegrass while Tracy wanted to rock out to some Aerosmith. Respect that move.)

“So they’re doing shots, they’re partying, everybody’s laughing, singing as loud as they can, you know, we’re pounding beers, doing shots, shot, shot…I want to say it was some tequila, and Tracy’s known to have a bottle of Pappy on hand. We were getting down no doubt.”

Well apparently at this point JR goes back to talk to Justin, who’s still on his own bus. But by the time he gets back to the band bus, the boys were in pretty rough shape:

“By this time, it hadn’t been but about 15 or 20 minutes, Roger and Tucker are just absolutely plowed.”

It was also at this point that Tracy, his fiddle player Joe and his manager come off the bus, and according to JR they’re “belly laughing” as they make their way back to their own bus.

And when JR gets back on the band’s bus he sees what Tracy was laughing about: Two of Justin’s other band members have had to step in to help out the guys who foolishly thought they could hang with Tracy.

“They are just pitiful drunk. I mean can’t stand on their own account, not making sense. And I’m like ‘What in the hell happened to y’all? I was just up here and everything was fine. What are y’all doing?’

So they’re just pitiful. Tucker goes and yaks, Roger yaks in a trash can, Tucker’s in the bathroom…”

And that’s when Justin, who admits he knows his limits these days and was trying to “slow play it” until things calmed down, showed up on the scene to see JR scolding the two drunk band members. Surveying the scene, Justin assumed his manager was upset with his band members for having a few too many and puking their brains out on the floor of the bus.

Well, not quite. According to Justin:

“You were berating them because they are making us look bad in front of a legend for not being able to hang with him.”


Now JR admits that he was also upset that they had covered the bus in vomit, but he also had another problem:

“You can’t go toe to toe with a legend and just get buried.”

Damn right you can’t. That’s Tracy Lawrence sitting there. The man’s a legend – so you better be ready to party like a legend if you’re going to step up to the challenge.

So there you have it folks – the other side of the story.

But let’s be honest, no matter who’s telling the story, one thing is clear: These guys seem like a fucking blast to hang out with.

Check out Justin and JR telling their side of story on this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast:

And here’s the original interview with Tracy:

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