Throwback To Eric Church’s Face-Melting Debut Live Album, ‘Caught In The Act: Live,’ From 2013

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There was nothing better to wake up to than Eric Church announcing The Gather Together Tour, starting in the fall and going through spring of next year.

He’s by FAR the biggest artist, and maybe the first, to announce a return to major touring, and I expect many more to follow suit shortly.

So if you’re anything like me, which if you’re here you probably are, today would be a good time to re-listen to his full concert album from 2013, Caught In The Act: Live, which was recorded in Chattanooga, TN at the Tivoli Theater.

I don’t want to overstate it, but it’s quite possibly the greatest live album ever recorded… played front to back, it’s literally the entire concert. I have it blasting right now and feel like I’m in the crowd, chills and all, as he just absolutely blows it out of the water.

Hook this up to your veins, get it in your ears, and I promise it’ll get you through until you’re screaming every word with him, drunk in a lawn with all your friends.

It’s so close I can almost taste the overpriced beer…

“Before She Does”

“Springsteen/Born To Run”

And after you run through that a time or two, make sure to give “Through My Ray Bans” another listen. That’s gonna be one hell of a moment at every single one of his shows, you can bet your ass.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock