I Can’t Stop Watching This Drunk Guy Fail MISERABLY At Making A Frozen Pizza

A man and a woman in a room

Wow… just wow.

Where to even begin…

I mean, we’ve all had a few too many and tried to come home and cook up something we had no business making. One time, I came home obliterated and tried to cook a steak at 2 in the morning. And no, not some shit cut. I picked this thicc boy out from the butcher, paid a little extra… I was fixin’ to treat myself to something special.

And while I didn’t put it in the toaster, or try to microwave it, or some bullshit like that… I don’t care if you’re Gordon Ramsay, you have no business trying to cook a $26, beautifully marbled ribeye when you’ve had 18 Diet Millers in the past 4 hours.

Worst case scenario, you burn the whole damn house down, best case scenario, you waste a perfectly good steak. And even if you somehow manage to cook it halfway decent, you’re not going to appreciate it like you should.

Granted, most of us don’t try and drunk cook a steak, but ALL of us have tried to make a frozen pizza.

And I would venture to guess that A TON of us (I know my audience) have either passed out and forgot about it, or just lost track of time all together and wound with a burnt-to-shit piece of charred frisbee in the oven.

It happens to the best of us, and I’ve seen it time and time again. But I’ve never seen anything like this…

Somehow it just gets worse… and worse…. AND WORSE.

And I can’t stop laughing.



A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock