Florida Mom “Glues” Boxing Glove To Her Hand, Shows Up To Daughter’s School To Fight A Student

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God, I love Florida.

You have Disney World, beautiful beaches, great golf courses, and an endless supply of stories like this.

According to KVUE, a Florida mom, Edith Riddle, showed up to her daughter’s middle school for a meeting with the vice principal. But after the meeting, while on “their way out,” the mother and her daughter apparently went to hunt down a 12-year-old student (gee, wonder what that meeting was about?).

And yeah, they found her…

Riddle’s daughter pushed the girl down and began throwing punches before mom, who was apparently wearing a boxing glove, also jumped in on the action.

Yeah, mom came to school wearing a boxing glove and when questioned by police she told them that it was “super-glued” on and that she couldn’t get it off.

How about that?

Lady shows up to school for a meeting with the vice principal, which any idiot can only assume is because her daughter is causing problems at school, wearing a boxing glove in case she has to fight another student…. what a world. Only in Florida, eh?

The victim was ultimately unharmed save for a few bumps and bruises, meanwhile Riddle was charged child abuse. Apparently a high school student, and another adult male were on the scene as well.

And in the video, you can see her drop the glove so… yeah, definitely not “glued” on.

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