Rip & Beth Dancing To Whiskey Myers’ “Stone” Is An Underrated Moment For Everybody’s Favorite Yellowstone Couple

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Okay, okay… we can all agree that Beth and Rip dancing to “Lady May” is the sweetest thing that’s happened in all of Yellowstone, and quite possibly in the history of television.

I mean, literally couple goals. But who can forget the real OG moment for Beth and Rip?

Season 1? Episode 4?

Beth sitting at a barstool, Rip comes along, tells a cowboy to move out of his seat, and calls Beth on her bullshit. Then Rip tells her she looks good in neon, and she replies “who doesn’t?” Meanwhile, Whiskey Myers is performing “Stone” live at the smoky bar.

Ah, romance.

Let’s be real… this couple is a hot mess, but you can’t help but love them. Add in the accompaniment of a knockout song like “Stone,” and the whole scene is pure perfection, the perfect embodiment of what their relationship is.

Like Cody Cannon sings in the gut-wrenching ballad… life has a tendency of hardening your heart. And spoiler alert for those who haven’t caught up on all the seasons (what are you even doing with anyone’s heart turn to stone.

Which is why this scene was so sweet, and should go down as the real OG moment for Beth and Rip. We see for the first time the characters really letting their guard down when they’re dancing out on that old honkytonk dance floor. And like a moth to a flame… we all became invested in them then.

Is it time for Season 4 yet?

And now that we’re done with that little synopsis, and for those who don’t need to go get caught up with Yellowstone ASAP, enjoy the Whiskey Myers “Stone” music video.

You can also see the scene play out in the Top 3 Rip & Beth Dates compilation (although be warned, they change the song for some reason).

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