Justin Moore’s “Somebody Else Will” Was Originally Going To Be A Rascal Flatts Song

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“Somebody else will if I don’t
Walk up and ask you your name right now
Offer to buy you a drink
Sit down and tell you your looks could kill
Somebody else will”

Can you imagine those lyrics coming from Rascal Flatts? Gary LeVox singing about having the bravado and swag to walk up to a girl in a bar, trying to get her attention before another guy steals her away? Because I can’t…

Well, they almost did.

Artist and songwriter Adam Hambrick was recently on The Justin Moore Podcast, and during the episode they discussed “Somebody Else Will,” a song co-written by Hambrick and recorded by Justin on his 2016 album, Kinda Don’t Care.

Hambrick explained that Rascal Flatts originally had the song on hold, which basically means that an artist has “claimed” that song to record for themselves, and nobody else can record it for a certain period of time or until they release their hold.

Hambrick also told the story of how he found out that Justin was the one who would be recording the song – after it had already been recorded.

According to Hambrick, his manager texted him on the day of the recording that “Somebody Else Will” had been cut. Hambrick, meanwhile, thought that Rascal Flatts still had the song on hold and assumed they had been the ones to cut it.

Later that evening Hambrick met up with Justin at the Tin Roof in Nashville. After a round of shots, Justin told Hambrick that he thought “Somebody Else Will” was going to be a hit.

Confused at how Justin had heard a song that Rascal Flatts had just cut, Hambrick’s manager informed him that it had actually been Justin who had recorded the song earlier in the day.

And I think we’re all glad that he did.

Justin joked that Hambrick was probably disappointed that it was him and not Rascal Flatts who ended up with the song, but as Hambrick said:

“That’s like a swaggy song, right…Flatts doing that, I was like, ‘That’s a little weird but I’m pumped about a Rascal Flatts cut.’

So when you said you cut it I’m like ‘THAT’S who needs to cut it!'”

Justin also mentioned another song of Hambrick’s that he cut: “Old Habits,” the 2013 song that Justin recorded with Miranda Lambert. As Justin pointed out, “outlets” are still writing about how underrated that song is. (Wonder which outlets he could be talking about? You can find that article here, by the way).

“Somebody Else Will” ended up becoming Hambrick’s second song to go to #1, only because Dan + Shay had released another one of his songs, “How Not To,” weeks before “Somebody Else Will” came out.

So yeah, I’m sure everybody involved is glad that it was Justin Moore and not Rascal Flatts to record that one. I know Adam Hambrick is, because he had one more thing to say to Justin about the song:

“Thanks for the house.”

If you want to hear more of Justin’s conversation with Adam Hambrick, check out the rest of the podcast.

“Somebody Else Will”

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