Kaitlin Butts Releases “How Lucky Am I,” A Response To Husband Cleto Cordero’s “Honeywine”

Fernando Garcia

Kaitlin Butts is absolutely a name you need to know.

The Oklahoma native recently released a stellar new song called “How Lucky Am I,” and as it turns out, it was actually written in competition with new husband, and Flatland Cavalry frontman, Cleto Cordero.

Essentially a response to Flatland’s “Honeywine,” the song was released as a Valentine to her husband:

“‘How Lucky Am I’ is the result of a challenge made during a night of drinking a bottle of Honeywine with a friend, who is now my husband, Cleto Cordero.

The first writer of a song containing the word Honeywine would win a dinner bought by the other. I lost the challenge when Cleto quickly wrote his song, and ended it with a promise to “take the turquoise off my hand and trade it out for a diamond ring.”

I made good on the challenge and bought him dinner and he made good on that promise of a diamond ring. I feel so lucky to have finally gotten to release my ‘Honeywine’ song.”

Seems like they already have the whole marriage thing figured out.

Or at the very least, it’s a really great form of couples therapy we all get to be the beneficiaries of.

If you’re looking to hear Cordero’s end of the bargain, look no further than Flatland Calvary’s phenomenal 2019 album Homeland Insecurity, featuring the affectionately titled “Honeywine.”

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