Tanya Tucker & Brandi Carlile Are Officially Working On A New Album Together

Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile are posing for a picture

Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings are officially back to work on Tanya’s next album.

In 2019, the three of them collabed on Tucker’s Grammy-winning While I’m Livin’, which Carlile co-produced alongside another country outlaw, Shooter Jennings. The trio took home Grammy awards for Best Country Album and Best Country Song.

It was essentially a comeback album for Tucker, who hadn’t put a full studio recording out of her own original material for nearly 20 years.

Now, they’re ready for round two.

According to a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tucker revealed the band is getting back together to work on a follow-up to While I’m Livin’. Apparently, they’ve already started work on a few different tracks. Tucker says this time, she’s a little more excited to get started, seeing as Carlile already sent her a few ideas that “blew her away”.

“We’re just about ready to get started on a new album. [Carlile] sent me maybe a verse and chorus, and it blew me away… so we’re on the right track.”

Considering how good it was the first time this group worked together, I can’t wait to hear what they’ve cooked up for the country music icon on the second go-round.

Until then, check out the magic that is Brandi and Tanya’s incredible Grammy performance from last year of “Bring My Flowers Now,” featuring Carlile absolutely killing it on the piano alongside her childhood idol.

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