Oklahoma Teen Gets Fake ID Confiscated At A Bar, Calls Police To Get It Back, Promptly Gets Arrested

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In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the best move…

According to OKC Fox, an Oklahoma teen found herself behind bars this week (but not the kind of bars she was trying to get into) after calling the police to get her fake ID back from a bar that had confiscated it from her.

Police say that 18-year old Blakelee Sands called police after a bar took her ID and she wanted it back. When officers arrived, they found a Texas ID with the name “McKamie Queen,” which Sands claimed was her name. The problem came when officers ran the number on the license… and it came back to a Texas man named Robert Sanchez.


Sands was arrested for presenting false ID with the purpose of misleading officers, after eventually telling police that she just wanted her fake ID back and “didn’t think she would get caught.”

Now, I’m just going to start out by saying that I have no experience using fake IDs. I never needed one in college, because there were enough bars nearby that didn’t care whether you were 21 or not. Apparently this isn’t the norm though, because people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I didn’t need a fake ID to drink at bars when I was under 21. So I guess I just got lucky with my experience (shoutout to living in small town West Virginia, I guess).

So even though I’ve never had a fake ID, I’m sure it’s frustrating to have yours confiscated, especially if it’s worked for you for this long. You’re just trying to party with friends or meet up with somebody you matched with on Tinder or whatever kids do at bars these days, and you spent all that money on a fake ID just to get you through until you’re 21.

And I’m sure they’re expensive, especially if you want a good one that actually looks real and can be scanned and all that shit. But you know what’s even more expensive than having to buy a new fake license? Getting arrested and having to bail yourself out of jail and pay fines for using a fake ID.

I mean, once the bar has taken your fake, you’re busted. It’s over. Cut your losses, find a friend who’s over 21 to buy you a case of White Claw to drink at your apartment for the night and order a new one from whatever sketchy overseas website makes the best fake IDs.

But you know what you DON’T do when your fake ID gets confiscated? Call the police asking them to get your illegal license back for you. When you’re committing a crime, that’s the time NOT to involve the police.

Gotta admire the confidence though.

Maybe for her next fake she should try the Travis Denning route: Just try to find somebody else’s real ID instead of getting a fake that ends up being registered to somebody with a different name (and gender) in a different state.

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