Vicious Squirrel Is Terrorizing People In This NYC Neighborhood, Attack Results In Absolute Bloodbath

A squirrel standing on a rock

I know people think squirrels are these cute little, fuzzy-tailed, friendly critters of the forest, but they’re not. They’re bloodthirsty killers who could strike at any second.

And right now, residents of this Queens, NYC, neighborhood are learning first-hand just how vicious these MF’ers can be.

According to New York Post, a Queens woman was attacked by a squirrel recently and the end result? An absolute bloodbath.

“Next thing I know it’s an MMA cage match and I’m losing.”

But she wasn’t the only one.

Other folks in the neighborhood have had similar experiences with squirrels. Multiple people have been attacked resulting in bites, scratches and more blood than you could possibly imagine from a tiny squirrel. Kids are now carrying homemade pepper spray to fend off the attacks. One woman even captured the squirrel lunging at her through the screen door:

“It was so fast and he had his claws out. He hung on there. It’s not like he was jumping and jumping away; he was there.”

I’m telling you people, the next time you see a squirrel, expect the worst. You’ve been warned…

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