Heroic Woman Wrestles Her 9-Week-Old Puppy From The Crushing Grip Of A Python

First gators, and now this? A couple weeks ago, we saw a Florida man literally dive into a pond and pry apart the jaws of an alligator to save his puppy’s life. This time, it’s a python.

It has to completely suck being a dog in Australia. Sure, the weather is nice, but you’re pretty much the bottom the of the food chain over there. Gators, snakes… hell, I imagine one those giant spiders could take a run at your dog if it’s small enough.

And recently, for one Queensland pup owner, she found herself battling a python to save her pup’s life.

Captured by backyard security cam, her 9-week old pup Jasper gets snatched up by a carpet python lurking in the garden. Thankfully, she jumped into action before it was too late.

Here’s the story from the owner:

“Puppy Jasper was lucky to escape an attack from a carpet python in our backyard today.

The almost 9-week-old pup had taken himself out to go to the toilet and then had a little play in the garden before he was attacked by a snake sitting under the chilli bush. It quickly wrapped around him and his puppy cries alerted us to his trouble. It was a confronting scene to find the snake completely wrapped around Jasper as he yelped for help. In that first moment we used a cardboard Xmas wrap roll to try and knock the snake off him but quickly realized it was useless and we would need to pull the snake off by hand. The carpet python was reluctant to let the puppy go and the security vision shows how quickly it immobilized our active pup.

Thankfully Jasper received only minimal injuries and hopefully this incident reminds others to keep a close eye on their pets.”

Once again, this is why I don’t live in Australia… whether it’s giant spiders, poisonous snakes, aggressive kangaroos, or even birds, every single animal in the country is perpetually trying to kill you.

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